ScHoolboy Q’s «CHopstix» Is Out Now

Q has been holding off on releasing his new single «CHopstix» due to the tragic death of Nipsey Hussle. But the song has finally surfaced on Spotify. Travis Scott raps a catchy chorus and ad-libs, and Q handles the colorful verses. We’ve compiled a brief synopsis of the song below. Read on to see what’s new on this one.

ScHoolboy Q teased «CHopstix» last month during his appearance on The Tonight Show. The rapper also performed «Numb Numb Juice,» which features Travis Scott. While both artists are expected to drop new music soon, the timing of new albums has been impacted by the loss of Hussle. On top of that, YG rescheduled his surprise album release date until May.

The music video for «Chopstix» is out now. ScHoolboy Q and Travis Scott collaborated on the song on April 10. In the video, Scott leads a string orchestra and dances with ballet dancers. ‘Chopstix’ is the second single from ScHoolboy Q’s latest album. While a full-length project isn’t expected to be released until June, we expect ScHoolboy Q to continue releasing new music.

Schoolboy Q recently released a new single called «Numb Numb Juice» and performed some of his unreleased tracks on The Tonight Show, including ‘Chopstix’ with Travis Scott. While the original version was premiered on March 20, the official studio version arrived today. Travis Scott’s trademark metallic synths are present throughout the track, which is why ‘Chopstix’ seems like the perfect song for ScHoolboy Q.

The song «CHopstix» was released to commemorate Nipsey Hussle, who died in December. The single, «Chopstix,» has become a major hit and the music video was released just a week after the rapper’s death. The video is a perfect example of ScHoolboy Q’s growing popularity. It is certainly worth the watch, as the music video is a powerful statement and a perfect way to celebrate Nipsey Hussle’s life.

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ScHoolboy Q’s «CHopstix» Is Out Now
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