Album Review of «What Happens on Earth Stays on Earth by Kendrick Lamar»

In «What Happens on Earth Stays on Earth», Kendrick Lamar uses his fluctuating voice to describe his life as a teenager in Compton. This gives him a unique and different voice that adds to his catalogue. The lyrics explore the psychology of a gang member as well as the pitfalls of being a part of one. This album is a great example of how Lamar uses his voice to break the gangster mentality.

Compton, California, is a notoriously violent suburb of Los Angeles. That place is a breeding ground for gangsta rap and Kendrick Lamar grew up there. This rap group, consisting of legendary hip hop artists such as Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, and Big Boi, became popular by describing life in the ghetto. Their lyrics became an influential tool to spread awareness about the African-American minority in the United States.

The album contains a number of references to religion. In «What Happens on Earth Stays on Earth,» Kendrick Lamar references an Old Testament God. In his lyrics, he pinpoints his life’s biggest frustrations and the religious beliefs of his family and friends. He also talks to close friends about his religious beliefs and shares his experiences. The lyrics are not only insightful and powerful, but also poignant.

The rap star has demonstrated his ability to merge traditional lyrical skill with commercial success, combining stadium-filling ambition with intense introspection, and even evergreen catchphrases. This recent mainstream dominance has taken a decade of hard work. Since releasing his first mixtape at the age of 16, Kendrick Lamar has worked on making albums and putting out successful projects.

«ELEMENT.» is a solid pop tune, reminiscent of Kanye’s «30 Hours.» Another solid track on the album is «LOYALTY.» The track bears a beat that sounds similar to modern soul music and early 2000s R&B. Another great track is «PRIDE.» The song starts with a choir, and ends with the chorus of the opening line.

DAMN is Kendrick Lamar’s fourth album, and the rapper has been quiet about the possibility of a sequel to the critically acclaimed DAMN. album. He did not confirm or deny the rumor but revealed that the album has been influenced by various influences, including Rihanna and U2.

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Album Review of «What Happens on Earth Stays on Earth by Kendrick Lamar»
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