SZA’s New Music Video

In her new music video for «The Weekend,» SZA invites fans into her world of sensual serenity. Shot with vintage lenses and featuring serene natural landscapes, the music video shows SZA alone on a concrete balcony or sleeping beside a book. The empty, desolate settings add to the song’s emotional effect. In addition, the song itself is incredibly catchy. A hypnotic track, «The Weekend» has already become an essential part of SZA’s growing fan base.

The video, which originally premiered on SoundCloud, is now available on YouTube. The video features SZA twirling on a pole while chatting with her co-star LaKeith Stanfield. The video also features a clip of «Hit Different,» where SZA teased the song’s upcoming video. Watch the music video below! Let us know what you think! What are your thoughts on the SZA music video, «I Hate U»?

SZA released «Good Days» on Christmas 2020, which went platinum. She directed her own music video for the track under her first name, Solana. The music video features the singer’s psychedelic journey and includes a scene in which she collapses beside a mushroom notebook. The psychedelic mood continues throughout the video, where SZA sings in a field surrounded by mushroom sculptures. She is clearly enjoying her new life.

Drew Barrymore is an unexpected guest star in SZA’s new music video. The actress makes a surprise appearance near the 2:15 mark and walks through the streets of New York. The actor even took to Instagram to give SZA a shout-out, which is pretty impressive. This is a perfect debut for the star! So enjoy SZA’s new video, and be sure to subscribe to FYP to stay updated with the latest music.

After three years of silence, SZA is back with a bang. Her latest single, «Love Galore,» features Travis Scott and SZA getting intimate. Similarly, «Supermodel» features SZA getting the last laugh. The song was featured on the soundtrack of the Trolls World Tour. In terms of chart success, «Good Days» has made the star a star of the festival circuit. It’s an uplifting track that should be on the top of any SZA fan’s playlist.

The singer and songwriter is widely acclaimed and is regarded as an alternative R&B artist. Her music has been compared to alternative hip hop, minimalist R&B, indie rock, witch house, and cloud rap. The lyrics of her songs have been characterized as «chillwave» and «unravelling,» and the subject matter of her songs often revolves around sexuality. She has won fourteen Grammy nominations.

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SZA’s New Music Video
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