Dead Prezis — Travis Thompson

The talented young rapper, Travis Thompson, is one of the most promising rising stars in the Northwest. He has signed with Epic Records and is already one of the most popular artists in his genre. The 24-year-old grew up in Burien, WA, and began writing rhymes at an early age. When he was in his late teens, he became serious about his craft, enrolling in the MoPOP residency program with local icons Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Despite being a relatively young artist, Travis Thompson has already gained a huge fan base and has been touring with the likes of Macklemore and Sir Mix A Lot. His comeback story is impressive and he’s already garnering impressive numbers. His sound combines authenticity and lyricism. His popularity and fanbase continue to grow. You can check out his latest album BLVD Boy at any major record store, or buy it at the official Travis Thompson website.

The Seattle rapper first turned heads with his airtight flow. He was a member of the local group Youth Speaks, which has produced several talented artists. Other notable alumni of the program include Hollis Wong-Wear and Mary Lambert. Thompson continued to write poetry and rap in his free time, while also learning from watching his peers. A new album is expected to drop soon. He also plans to give a live performance at the Seattle Art Museum.

Dead Prezis is a music video produced by a production company called SixTwentySix Productions. The video features G-Eazy and Travis Thompson. The album, BLVD BOY, is out on July 26. It’s named for his neighborhood, Ambaum Boulevard, where he grew up. The music video was directed by Tyler Yee, who has worked with many hip hop artists and also directed commercials.

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Dead Prezis — Travis Thompson
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