Sabrina Claudio Reveals The Truth About Her New Album

When we think of love, most of us imagine a warm and enthralling smile on the face of the Mona Lisa. But what about true love? And what about the darker connotations of love? Sabrina Claudio takes on these questions in her new album, Truth Is. Listen to the teaser video below and decide for yourself. You can also buy the album through iTunes or Spotify.

Sabrina Claudio’s soft voice and her songs make them easy to listen to, and her new album Based On A Feeling is no exception. The album features 12 new songs, including the critically acclaimed «Don’t Make Me Wait,» and is platinum-selling. Claudio recently announced a 38-show world tour, and her North American leg will conclude on October 21 in Orlando.

After gaining momentum with her debut EP, Sabrina Claudio has been releasing singles on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Her debut EP was a hit, charting in 31 countries. While she initially had trouble establishing her sound as an artist, she soon found herself with a dedicated fanbase. With her versatile vocal range and powerful delivery, she’s earned a loyal following of music lovers. Sabrina Claudio’s upcoming album is sure to be an impressive one.

While there’s a lot to love about Truth Is, Claudio’s new Christmas album is just as heartwarming. The album features three holiday favorites as well as five originals, and also features contributions from The Weeknd, Alicia Keys, and other top performers. The track «Christmas Blues» has received widespread attention as an earworm, attracting the attention of fans worldwide.

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Sabrina Claudio Reveals The Truth About Her New Album
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