Kendrick Lamar Influences

The first of Kendrick Lamar’s studio albums, Section 80, samples the music of Fela Kuti, a legendary saxophonist who was assassinated in 1975. «I No Get Eye for Back» was a cover of Fela’s song by Houston Person. Despite its similarities, the song is largely about black culture and self-help.

While Lamar uses Black history as an inspiration, he also references other Black history to promote his activism. In «Blacker the Berry,» the pre-chorus repeats the phrase «the blacker the berry.» The pre-chorus samples Wallace Thurman’s novel, «The Blacker the Berry: A Novel of Negro Life.» The novel describes the struggles of an orphan named Emma Lou to overcome society’s rejection of her dark skin. Along the way, she learns the importance of self-love. The Black Lives Matter movement was born out of these ideas.

Lamar’s rap influences are numerous, and include Eminem, Michael Jackson, and Curtis Mayfield. In addition to rap, Lamar was influenced by jazz, the Temptations, and gangsta rap. His work has received praise from the likes of LeBron James, Eminem, and Toni Morrison. He also credits his success to God. This is just the beginning of what Lamar has achieved.

While there are many hip hop artists Lamar is inspired by, it’s easy to spot the one who inspired him the most. Eminem has influenced many rappers over the years, including Tupac Shakur. It’s not surprising that he’s compared to Tupac, since they’re both rap superstars. Their unique blend of introspective hip-hop feels like a logical progression from Nas’s street poetry. It is also worth noting that Kendrick’s beats incorporate funk-inflected bass riffs that recall hip hop’s roots.

Similarly to Kung-Fu Kenny, Lamar has a more diverse musical background than most rap artists. His discography is better than anyone else’s and his ability to kill Eminem’s ‘Love Game’ is testament to his skill. In addition to this, he has become the first non-jazz or classical artist to win the prestigious Pulitzer Prize. In addition to his impressive work, Kendrick Lamar has made his mark on music by taking the industry by storm.

During his childhood, Lamar’s family lived in an area that was rife with violence, despite his incredibly empathetic disposition. Despite the harsh reality, he remained quiet and thoughtful, and he later adopted the moniker K-Dot. At the age of 16, he began performing his own rap lyrics and has since become a successful rapper. His debut mix tape, «The Blacker the Berry,» garnered widespread attention in his hometown of Southern California.

Other influences of Kendrick Lamar’s music include gospel, soul, jazz, and classical hip-hop music. He has won seven Grammy awards and is nominated for 22 more. His songs draw inspiration from various genres, including jazz, classical hip-hop, and African music. Among these, Dr. Dre was arguably the most influential, though Lamar also cites several other influential figures.

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Kendrick Lamar Influences
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