Normani Interview With Billboard

In an interview with Billboard, pop sensation Normani reveals all about herself and her journey from Cracker Jill to a solo star. The teen songwriter reveals how she managed to get to the point where she can be described as a «celebrity.» Her career is on the rise, and she’s eager to show the world the different sides of herself. In the video, she discusses her background in gymnastics and her new song «Crazy.»

Despite the long wait for her new album, fans can already enjoy her talk with J Mac. Normani opens up about life as a young person in the spotlight, her love for the dance community and how she’s overcome her fear of letting people see her vulnerability. She also talks about her relationship with her boyfriend, dream collaborations and the challenges that come with being open about who she is and what she loves. Here are some of the highlights of the Normani interview.

She talked to Chelsea Briggs on the red carpet at Women in Music 2022, and gushed about her new cat, Doja Cat. The kitty even jumped into the interview and interrupted the conversation! Normani is a superstar in the music industry, and she has a massive fan base. The success of her single «Freaky» earned her a Grammy nomination. The singer will perform «Freaky Deaky» at Women in Music 2022 on June 9.

Despite her success in the music industry, Normani is still getting ready for her first single of the year. The artist recently spoke to VIBE magazine during the red carpet at 2022 Billboard Women in Music. The new single is called «Fair,» and it’s scheduled to drop on March 18. Her previous single «Wild Side,» which featured rapper Cardi B, debuted at No. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 1 on the Mainstream R&H Airplay chart.

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Normani Interview With Billboard
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