CrypticRock’s List of the Best Albums of 2015

There was no shortage of excellent music in 2015. From highly anticipated follow-ups to comeback albums, there were many great releases to choose from this year. Fans of many genres, from jazz to pop, were spoilt for choice, with an eclectic range of releases to please a wide range of tastes. CrypticRock’s list of the top 5 albums from each genre for 2015 will give you a complete rundown of the best music released in 2015.

In terms of popularity, Adele’s 25 was a landmark release, breaking all records. In addition, hip-hop and R&B artists made huge statements, and Jazz singer Kamasi Washington experimented with genres to make her music sound fresh. The list of the best albums of 2015 is sure to surprise you, so here are five standouts from each genre. So sit back and enjoy the new music from these artists.

Two Steps From Heaven’s Bullet Hell EP evokes the sound of early 90s computer games, with increasingly complex levels of enemy armaments and an ever-expanding arsenal. With a hypnotic rhythm, the band’s music is reminiscent of the soundtrack to the most memorable shooter games. Its a dysmorphic identity and body, but the result is truly magical. It’s hard to believe that a group of musicians can craft such a powerful, cohesive sound.

Sia’s «Boy Problems» and «Need U Bad» may have been overlooked in 2015, but their dazzling debut albums should not be passed up. Despite being understated, the two singers’ sensitivity to the emotional landscape is evident throughout the album. The album’s emotional impact has captivated the listener and has made it a hit with music lovers. Its soaring vocals and catchy songs will keep fans listening well into the future.

Another artist who’s been a hit this decade is Calvin Harris. A fan of the music genre since the early 2000s, Harris rose to fame as a DJ and producer in 2011. His third album, 18 Months, topped the charts in the U.K., breaking previous records set by Michael Jackson. It also earned Harris the title of most popular album of the year. This year, he has delivered another masterpiece in the form of an album.

Giant Claw’s «Dark Web» is a gem on the Orange Milk label. As one of the most innovative albums released this year, the album opens with midi melodies and is similar to Oneohtrix Point Never’s «R Plus Seven.» The latter is a holy text for certain artists, but Niquo does something unique with the inspiration. So, check out their debut album and see if this is the one you’ve been waiting for.

Rapper’s «Acid Rap» quickly earned him a spot on the list of best hip-hop albums of 2015. The album is a continuation of his previous mixtape, «Dirty Sprite,» and features nine singles produced by Mike Will Made It. The album evokes the spirit of youth and freedom that the Atlanta native is known for. In short, it’s a must-buy for fans of hip-hop.

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CrypticRock’s List of the Best Albums of 2015
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