Kendrick Lamar Attends a Dodgers Game

On Tuesday, Kendrick Lamar surprised fans by attending a Dodgers game. The rapper sat in the stands and greeted fans. Since the rapper announced his highly-anticipated new album, «The Life of Pablo,» he has become the talk of the town. But his appearance at a baseball game is a big deal. The rapper rarely goes out in public and maintains a minimal social media presence. So, he’s likely to have an even more memorable experience.

While he may not be an All-Star in 2019, Kendrick did have a tremendously good season. His batting average was 50 points higher than his career average. He also had a better exit velocity than expected and was among the league’s top-five hitters in the league in hard-hit rate. And while his injury may have hampered his season, he’s likely to make up for it next year.

A tattoo-loving artist, Game has many tattoos on his body. His right forearm bears the name of a deceased hip-hop artist, Eazy-E. In his left forearm, there is a graveyard of other famous rappers, including 2Pac and Jam Master Jay. A teardrop appears under his left eye. He also has the letters HCT 630 03 inked behind his left ear, a reference to his son Harlem Caron Taylor.

After releasing his No. 1 album, Game praised his former labelmate and praised his new album. It’s not surprising, considering the two rappers have been friends for years. He even brought the rapper along on his first major tour as his opening act. However, his praise for Kendrick Lamar’s new music is even more impressive. And he’s right: the former is the more popular rap artist among the two.

The recent scandal involving sign-stealing in the 2019 World Series may have affected the Astros’ chances of claiming their third championship. However, the homer may have saved the Astros from the series and may even have secured them their first undisputed World Series title since 2016.

The Game recently bragged about being better than Kendrick Lamar. While speaking on Clubhouse, The Game admitted to feeling liquor and singled out the rap legend. Although his comments were recorded and later posted online, many people weren’t able to agree with him. Despite the differences in their music, both rappers are living legends and should be considered equal. It’s hard to choose between them. If you’re a fan of either, make sure you check out their music!

After releasing his eighth studio album, Game announced his ninth project, titled «Soundtrack to Chaos». At the time, he said he wouldn’t mention any of his former collaborators and that the album’s title would be «Jesus Piece.» However, he later changed the title of his ninth album to reflect the title of his latest record. Following the release of his ninth album, Game released the second half of The Documentary 2.

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Kendrick Lamar Attends a Dodgers Game
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