Next Project Rock Release 2018

What is the next Project Rock release this year? UA has announced a new restock date for the Project Rock 1, a sneaker that sold out instantly when it launched on May 28. We’ll have to wait until June 28 to see what’s in store for us. But until then, check out the newest pair in our gallery. They’re a sure bet for a popular summer sneaker.

The new collaboration with the UFC promises massive exposure for Project Rock. The UFC has over 625 million viewers, 187 million social media followers and 900 million TV households worldwide, giving the footwear brand a huge reach. The partnership also has the added bonus of giving Project Rock visibility in 175 countries. In addition to its new release, Under Armour has already partnered with the Fisher House Foundation, which provides free housing near military and VA medical facilities. The company did not give specifics of the partnership, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

While Dwayne «The Rock» Johnson is best known for his gruff persona, he is also a generous guy. That’s why the next Project Rock release is patriotic. It’s a patriotic collection that gives back to veterans. As a result, these sneakers should sell out quickly, as they have already sold out in the past. We can’t wait to get our hands on these kicks, so get yours while they’re still available.

The Micro G cushioning of the Project Rock 1 allows for quick, explosive movements and comfortable wear during cardio workouts. The shoe is also built to be comfortable for weight lifting and squats — two common workouts for a basketball player. In addition, the knit upper gives the shoe a sock-like feel, and its intricately designed webbing provides ideal flexibility. Whether it’s a basketball player or a weightlifter, Dwayne Wade is likely to be a fan of Project Rock sneakers.

UFC fight-week events will feature Project Rock footwear. The footwear will be worn by cornermen and athletes during the event. After the fight, fighters will remove their shoes cageside. In April 2021, the UFC broke ties with Reebok and replaced it with Venum. But, feedback has been mixed. Hopefully, this latest collaboration will generate some excitement. If it does, this is great news for Project Rock.

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Next Project Rock Release 2018
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