Joey Badass and Denzel Curry Battle it Out on Stage at Zeltron Worldwide

If you want to see two talented artists battle it out on stage, you should check out the Zeltron Worldwide show. The star-studded event is hosted by the iconic Denzel Curry. The show features performances by Joey Bada$$ and Denzel Curry. The event is a show like no other. The pair’s talents are a perfect match for one another’s music.

Joey Bada$$ and Denzel Curry have teamed up again in a new music video for «Zenith.» This video is shot in a stark black and white, with everything around them dead or lifeless. While it may look like a movie, the video’s concept is deep and cinematic. Watch the video below to see how Denzel Curry and Joey Bada$$ can make music videos that captivate audiences.

«Zenith» was an empowering song, and both Joey Badass and Denzel Curry portrayed this message with their voices. The duo also appeared together on «Zero Day,» which was the album’s lead single. In addition to Joey Badass, Curry and Badass performed a remix of «Zenith» featuring Atlanta rappers Kenny Mason and The Alchemist. The track also features a raunchy verse by Denzel Curry.

After the two were introduced, they took turns engaging the crowd with high energy moves. After a professional wrestling match, the lyrical combat began. Curry blasted his opponent in Round 1, spit acapella bars at him and called him a «pussy» for talking during the set time. The following two rounds were equally exciting, and both performers deserved a spot on the show.

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Joey Badass and Denzel Curry Battle it Out on Stage at Zeltron Worldwide
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